Lucy Caines, Angel Investor

The UKBAA course is a fantastic resource for people contemplating angel investing. As well as covering the essential practical and legal considerations, the opportunity to hear directly from active angel investors about their experiences illustrates the wide range of approaches you can take to angel investing. The short modules and video content are well designed to fit in around other commitments. After completing the course, I felt confident making my first investments.

Magnus Ernegård, BridgeToAngels

"For me, The Effective Angel Investor Course had a very good structure and was an easy accessible course which took me through all the key steps of angel investing. I accomplished it in my own pace in this audio-backed slide show with all the basics. Then, for me the most interesting part was to hear all the experience knowledge and views this variety and large number of angel investors had. They also gave me lots of tips and what to pay attention in angel investing."

Paul Jones, British Business Bank

"Overall impression was very good, lots of punchy interview content, different voices keeping it active and my interest, covered the topics from multiple angles and was great to be able to share experiences of real investors. (I can’t recall if there were investees or not but would hope so). The end result a really good view of how angel investing can work and what you expect and look for. In the practical world this isn’t as accessible with decision making often privately conveyed so great to share. I would thought it would encourage more angels, and share the risk."

Pippa Gawley, Zero Carbon Capital

"I learned about angel investing in the US, so when I came back to the UK there were lots of aspects that were different to me. The Effective Angel Investor course was a thorough introduction not just to the UK regulatory and taxation differences, but also to some differences in mindset and approach. I feel better equipped now to participate fully in my new angel groups, and understand how some of the areas of due diligence will vary. It also was very convenient to be able to complete the course at my own pace at home. I'd recommend the course to anyone starting out as an angel, or to more experienced angels wanting a refresher."

Sarah Trethowan, Bridging the Gap

"As someone new to Angel Investing I found the course very helpful. It covered everything I needed to know and the experiences of other angels help reinforce the key learning points. I liked that I could study at my own pace and go back to something I wasn’t sure about. Each section of the course was well structured and it was clear what would be covered. I found the quiz at the end of each unit a useful way to check my understanding. Getting a certificate at the end was a nice touch and as I was able to share it via LinkedIn and Twitter it was also a valuable marketing tool for my services."

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