About the Course

Created by industry experts, The Effective Angel Investor brings insights and expertise from 22 leading Angel investors with combined market experience of over 50 years. Structured into 6 comprehensive modules covering the key knowledge areas and skills to support a rewarding investment journey, The Effective Angel Investor is the most comprehensive course available to help optimise your angel investments.

“This course celebrates the huge diversity of Angel investment, while providing some very practical guidance around structure and rigour of approach.  Anybody involved with or contemplating Angel investment will find nuggets of very applicable wisdom in here.”

Matthew Dawes, Investment Director Whiteoaks Capital 
(family office of Bristol-based HNW)

Your Journey

The course is designed to give you personal guidance and insights into the world of angel investing through experienced angels and professional experts, enabling you to accelerate your understanding of how to back small businesses whilst helping you to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that can hamper you along the way.
Your Journey
  • Your Key Take-Away

    This is the most comprehensive and relevant course in the UK on angel investment, providing you with the toolkit you need to maximise your returns. This course enables you to access the experience and knowledge built up over many years from leading angel investors, helping you accelerate your journey to becoming an effective angel investor.

  • The Course

    In six carefully crafted modules, each one designed to give you an in depth understanding of the topic. The details are explained in graphics and pictures with audio explanation, combined with videos from 22 leading angels from across the UK, who will speak about their own experiences of angel investing, providing advice and tips.

  • The Process

    You can go at your own pace and stop and come back to the course at any point. At the end of every module there’s a short quiz to test your understanding of the topics covered and what you have learnt. If you get a question wrong, or not sure of the right answers, you can skip back to the relevant section and review the details.

Core Content

  • How to approach angel investing

  • How to develop a comprehensive investing strategy

  • How to choose the right business

  • How to structure a deal correctly

  • How to do your due diligence and research

  • How to build an effective exit strategy

UKBAA Industry Certificate

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a UKBAA industry certificate, recognising that you have the knowledge and understanding to be an Effective Angel Investor. The Effective Investor course offers the only industry certificate of achievement of its' kind, enabling you to take the steps to advance as an active player in the angel market.
  • Developed By

    This course has been developed by the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA), which is the national trade association for angel and early-stage investment. UKBAA’s members include angel networks, syndicates, individual investors, early-stage VCs, equity crowdfunding platforms, accelerators, professional advisers and intermediaries. UKBAA acts as the voice of the angel investment community and strives to build and connect the angel investment ecosystem so as to ensure a coherent landscape for financing high-potential entrepreneurs.

    UK Business Angels Association

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