“This course celebrates the huge diversity of Angel investment, while providing some very practical guidance around structure and rigour of approach. Anybody involved with or contemplating Angel investment will find nuggets of very applicable wisdom in here.” Matthew Dawes, Investment Director Whiteoaks Capital

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Course curriculum

  • 02
    Module 01: Approaching angel investing
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  • 03
    Module 02: Developing your angel investment strategy
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    • Introduction to Module 02 FREE PREVIEW
    • Developing your strategy
    • Investing alone or in a syndicate
    • Will you be the lead angel?
    • How can co-investment funds benefit investors?
    • Sourcing deals
    • Drawing on your skills to identify and select what businesses you will invest in
    • Evaluating the deal
    • The Founder/Team
    • The Product/Technology
    • The customers and market
    • Business model & position
    • Final considerations
    • Let's test your understanding
  • 04
    Module 03: Understanding how tax relief can support your angel investment strategy
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    • Introduction to Module 03 FREE PREVIEW
    • What is the Enterprise Investment Scheme?
    • What is the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme?
    • How do investors qualify for SEIS or EIS?
    • How do investors claim EIS or SEIS relief?
    • Tax relief for investing in KIBs
    • What is Social Impact Tax Relief (SITR)?
    • Key considerations when using tax relief schemes
    • Let's test your understanding
  • 05
    Module 04: Negotiating and structuring an angel deal
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    • Introduction to Module 04 FREE PREVIEW
    • How do I approach due diligence?
    • What are the key areas my due diligence should cover?
    • How do I approach valuation?
    • How do I finalise the deal terms?
    • Now let's test your understanding
  • 06
    Module 05: Understanding the legal processes for angel investments
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    • Introduction to Module 05 FREE PREVIEW
    • What are the main legal documents you need to know about?
    • What final documents and processes are required before finalising a deal?
    • What is my legal position post-investment?
    • What are the legal issues around exit?
    • Now let's test your understanding
  • 07
    Module 06: Developing your post-investment strategy
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    • Introduction to Module 06 FREE PREVIEW
    • What is your role post-investment?
    • Will you take a board seat?
    • How will you keep informed of progress?
    • How do you support growth and scale-up?
    • What's your approach when things go wrong?
    • How do you approach further funding rounds?
    • How do you plan and support an exit?
    • Angel exit stories
    • Now let's test your understanding

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